You run iScala as ERP system, for example.
You would like to make running and maintaining the system more efficient.
You would like to simplify the integration into corporate systems.
You would like to optimize reporting.
You need a well-proofed backup and recovery strategy.
You need a consistent administration of users and authorization, including audit-trail


We are your expert for ERP systems.
We are your expert for system- and process improvement.
We develop additional functions and tools according to your needs.
Our concept for backup and restore is in long time and successful use.
We have complete concepts for all different kinds of application.
We have worldwide projects as references.


Your processes will be supported by a tailor made ERP system (iScala) in the optimum way.
An expert will guide, assist and supervise all processes.
You will get highly specialized knowledge by an expert in all phases of development.
Long-time and international experience and knowledge will be available to you.